The National Anthem Is Not Donald Trump

Should everyone stand for the National Anthem? As a matter of patriotism and those who died for those stars, yes. The National Anthem is not Donald Trump. The National Anthem is not white supremacy. The National Anthem is not police brutality.

Do I respect the right to protest in any legal manner? Absolutely. In many cases I encourage it. The National Anthem was written during what was essentially a protest.

If my church pastor inserted his political beliefs into every sermon, I would respect his right to do so. But eventually I would go somewhere else. That’s not a place I want to hear someone’s political opinion.

If my grocery store had protesters I had to pass every time the kids and I shopped there, I would respect their right to do so. But eventually I would go somewhere else. That’s not the place for politics.

In many cases, I agree with the NFL players’ reasons for protesting. There are real problems out there and a dearth of leadership.

I just don’t want politics inserting itself into one of the last-remaining places that I can still escape it. Pro athletes have more platforms to make their opinions public than any time in history.

Protesting before NFL games is not a slap in the face to America, it’s just f’ing annoying. It’s not that I don’t support their message, I just don’t want to hear that message in the context of a sporting event.

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