My Annual Advice to Young Husbands

Holiday Gift Giving For Women

  1. Don’t pretend you have a clue about women’s fashion. You don’t. Buy her something nice–something you think would look good on her—but be sure to include the gift receipt because she’ll probably return it. But get her something and wrap it (not a gift card) because—don’t forget this—we all still want to actually open something at Christmas.
  2. God help you if you get the size wrong. Do some research before you buy, and don’t get her something a size smaller “just to be safe” or because you think that compliments her—because all you’ll be doing is reminding her that she used to be that size, and isn’t any longer. Christmas Thud.
  3. If you think a new appliance is something she wants or needs, don’t ever ever ever give it as a Christmas gift. Buy it before Christmas, bring it home, assemble it and start cleaning/cooking with it yourself to make sure it works. Appliances are necessities. Necessities make terrible gifts.
  4. If she loves a sports team or loves to golf? How cool is that? (plus, there’s nothing cuter than a girl in a jersey) She has little time for fun and hobbies—support what she loves to do.
  5. Life’s about making memories. Spa treatments or “bed and bath” gifts aren’t bad ideas, but a little overdone? Create a unique experience for her (or for the two of you)—something to pamper you both, something you’ll talk about forever. Travel. Stay someplace she’d never expect. Do something only the locals know about. Show her you did your research and gave her gift some real thought.
  6. She deserves a break, because, guess what? Being married to you isn’t as wonderful as you think it is. Try this: Offer to cook supper every night in December so she can shop, work late, or celebrate with friends without being rushed.