Five Things To Do Today Episode 18: Linda Anderson’s Lalaslalaland

Linda Anderson is a Renaissance Woman. She’s a talented writer–specializing in Underdog Storytelling. She’s a feminist, a lover of cocktails, a chef, wife and mom…and even a kitchen renovation expert!

Linda is a Bob Seger fan…and she has not only been to the Tournament of Roses parade–she decorated a float! She’s a weekly Mezzalunatic and shares all of her great stories (including the parade float decorating story) on her website,

Her website and blog are truly a great place to spend some time. She tells well-written stories of her travels, her unique experiences and her underdog stories.

She lists her “superpowers” on the podcast, but I think her true superpower is discovering what’s fun about even the most mundane things.

Linda’s Five Things (plus bonus SIXTH Thing):

1. Make Something

2. Smile

3. Use an Old-School Planner

4. Find Your Superpower

5. Research Your Genealogy

6. Improvise

You can reach Linda on her website or via Twitter at @Lindalla.

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Five Things To Do Today Episode 17: Author Patrick Kirby Shares His Five Things

Episode 17 features author Patrick Kirby discussing his new book, “Fundraise Awesomer”. Patrick shares five critical things to do for nonprofits, five life lessons for all of us and which of his three kids is his favorite.

Patrick Kirby Info:

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Twitter: @FundraisingDad  (Also on LinkedIn & Facebook)

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