Five Things To Do Today Episode 18: Linda Anderson’s Lalaslalaland

Linda Anderson is a Renaissance Woman. She’s a talented writer–specializing in Underdog Storytelling. She’s a feminist, a lover of cocktails, a chef, wife and mom…and even a kitchen renovation expert!

Linda is a Bob Seger fan…and she has not only been to the Tournament of Roses parade–she decorated a float! She’s a weekly Mezzalunatic and shares all of her great stories (including the parade float decorating story) on her website,

Her website and blog are truly a great place to spend some time. She tells well-written stories of her travels, her unique experiences and her underdog stories.

She lists her “superpowers” on the podcast, but I think her true superpower is discovering what’s fun about even the most mundane things.

Linda’s Five Things (plus bonus SIXTH Thing):

1. Make Something

2. Smile

3. Use an Old-School Planner

4. Find Your Superpower

5. Research Your Genealogy

6. Improvise

You can reach Linda on her website or via Twitter at @Lindalla.

Atomic Coffee:


Franklin Planners:

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