Five Things To Improve Your Credit Score (and we talk “credit score myths”) with Bank Manager Mitch Taralson

Do you know your credit score?

(Because it’s probably affecting your life more than you realize.)

Bank of the West’s Mitch Taralson joins us for Episode 20 to share his “Five Things To Improve Your Credit Score.”

We also talk about credit score rumors. Does your job affect your score? Does being married? How about how often you check your own score…does that hurt you?

Mitch is a native of Fargo, graduating from NDSU with a double major in Finance/Management. He has been in the banking industry for 9 years and has a passion for helping people with their financial needs. He is married with two little girls and is the Branch Manager at Bank of the West’s 32nd avenue location.

Mitch shares why all of these are important:

1. The impact of your payment history
2. Utilization of all of your credit
3. How long you have been using credit
4. Why types of accounts you have
5. New credit and credit inquiries

Mitch also shares valuable tips about how best to monitor your credit score.

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Episode 20 was recorded at Bully Brew. Find out more about their deliciousness here:

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