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Small Town Labs supports small towns who understand the critical importance of Economic Development but can’t afford a full-time Director and don’t have their own Chamber of Commerce.

Small Town Labs will do a FREE assessment of your town’s “curb appeal.” What are prospective homeowners or business owners seeing when they find you online? Let us give you an honest assessment.

Small Town Success Stories are out there. We’d love to create one for you. Email us today and we’ll send you all the info you need to get started…and getting started is free!


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Small Town Labs Services:

  • Competitive Analysis. How does your town compare to nearby small towns? Who among you offers the best total package for a new tech company or homeowner?
  • Analysis and Recommendations. Is your website delivering you fresh leads? How about your print materials? What are people thinking when they find your website or social media pages?
  • Rebrand Your Town. How does a farming community attract a new technology company? Is your online presence consistently telling the best story it can?
  • Create a Marketing & Media Plan. What is the best way to tell your story and generate fresh economic development leads? We have graphic designers and writers, media buying experts and website developers ready to go to work for you.
  • Social Media. Currently, this is the best way to connect young families with your small town. You might already have a Facebook page, but is it updated? Photos are critical to making a great impression and Instagram is leading the way. Tell the best story possible through your social media accounts.
  • Ongoing Economic Development Services. Can’t afford a full-time staff member? Don’t have a Chamber of Commerce? Let Small Town Labs be the champion for your small town. We’ll take the calls. We’ll answer the emails…quickly. We’ll meet prospects and tell your great story. We’ll be a great representative for your small town, setting up meetings with your Mayor and Council when the time is right. You’ll see regular communication and have an update before every council meeting.

The scope and price for each project (or ongoing lead generation) will be clearly defined, and Small Town Labs will work with you to ensure we always meet budget.

Learn more about our work and our plans by listening to the “Small Town Big Talk Show” featuring Small Town Labs here:

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