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Five Things To Do Today Episode 9: Five Lists You Should Make Today

If you were a baseball player, what would be your walk up song? What five things do you love most about your partner? What five things define you? What five places do you want to see most?

Episode 9 is all about lists. Not the boring kind…the fun kind that make you think about what’s important to you and what defines you.

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Five Things To Do Today: The One With Tim Flakoll

Today’s guest is a former North Dakota State Senator, former minor-league baseball General Manager and current university provost Tim Flakoll. Tim gives us great tips on forgiveness, networking, and buying gifts.

Five Things To Do Today: The First One

The first episode has great ideas for how to choose a restaurant, travel advice, and how to look at life just a little differently–all delivered in less than 15 minutes.

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